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Some questions

I just finished a Beogh playthrough and have a few questions. Maybe we have some Beoghite zealots who know the answers. :-)

  • In older versions, I thought I remembered followers having unlimited ammo. Is there now no way for them to get more ammo except from Beogh's blessing? If so, it seems like giving them ranged weapons isn't a great idea.
  • Are the upgrades for followers (orc warrior -> orc knight, etc.), other than orc -> orc priest, just based on the XP a follower receives? Is there a fixed amount of XP they need to earn for each upgrade, or does it work in some other way? What does it actually mean when it says "X looks more experienced."?
  • "Beogh may also improve your followers' equipment and gift weapons, armour, and ammo to those who lack them." How exactly does this work? Does it only do this when it would otherwise have rolled the 10% chance of an enchantment buff, or is it an entirely separate roll? What sorts of equipment can be upgraded? I think I saw a scale mail get replaced with plate mail or something, but it'd be nice to have a list.
  • Are the enchantment probabilities still accurate? That part of the page hasn't been updated in a long time (it still talks about accuracy and damage enchantments!).
  • How do weapon speeds work for followers?
  • Do followers suffer any penalty for armor other than reduced evasion? (Can you just throw gold dragon scales onto your orc sorcerer?)

Emufarmers (talk) 06:48, 28 June 2020 (CEST)

I'm not super clear on the mechanics since I rarely play Beogh and am not particularly skilled at code diving, but I can at least respond to some questions:
  • I gave an orc a sling, and he suddenly had a bunch of sling bullets, so I think orcs get a starting bundle of ammo when you give them a ranged weapon. I think Beogh also shares some of your experience with your followers, so even if you're the one doing most of the killing, your dudes will occasionally get bonuses (which can include more ammo).
  • I think the "X looks more experienced" message means they have gained a hit die by killing something -- I've seen that happen in other situations, like if I've enslaved something and either it kills a bunch of stuff or it gets killed by something it was fighting. So that particular follower would get more magic resistance, spell power, accuracy, etc. It may also be connected with upgrading to the next tier of orc; again, I'm pretty sure Beogh shares some of the experience from your kills with your goon squad, so it has a chance of happening even if they're not always actively killing stuff.
  • I believe weapon speed works the same way for followers as it does for all other monsters. From some quick testing in wizard mode, I found that, unless specified otherwise (like with merfolk impalers), monsters generally attack a little bit faster than the minimum speed of their weapon. So, a little slower than average speed, but this is balanced by being more accurate and more damaging than just a straight punch.
  • As far as I know, armor works the same way on followers that it does on all other monsters, i.e. the only penalty for heavy armor is reduced evasion. So go ahead and load your orc sorcerers up with dragon armor. --spudwalt (talk) 08:14, 2 July 2020 (CEST)