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A member of a strain of hairy, cave-dwelling apes. He often spends long hours lying motionless in his den, staring at a glowing panel instead of doing something productive like questing for a "jahb". He rarely emerges, apart from short food-gathering expeditions.

Spudwalt rarely follows a set pattern in his contributions, instead moving erratically from one task to another much like a very hirsute bat. He is gradually getting the hang of Dungeon Crawl and can usually make it to at least the Lair branches before getting killed through his own stupidity.

You hear the distant roaring of an enraged eggplant.

Quokka.png Heyo, spudwalt here.

I've been playing since Version 0.10, so I've been at this about as long as possible without ever doing things like victory dancing or playing a mountain dwarf. I've managed to ascend several times, one of which was with all 15 runes. Working towards ascending at least once with each species, background, and god.

See you all around!

Wins so far: