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I know there is quite a bit of basic material here, but I figure most experienced players don't use guides too often anyway. As usual, I'm committed to this guide's upkeep. --Buddy23Lee (talk) 23:07, 9 September 2013 (CEST)

I'd say the only thing that seems off here is that you aren't hammering down on the importance of negating rF- until nearly the end of your guide. While plate is amazing on a high STR character to keep him out of danger in the early and mid game, I'd suggest emphasizing that fire resistance is equally important, and that lighter armours that provide that are decent substitutes. Apart from that, you've got a nice cautious intro to mummies right here. --MoogleDan (talk) 14:20, 10 September 2013 (CEST)
A good point my friend; I did only just superficially hint at the rF- consideration. I think the same thing happened with addressing the topic of scumming, and I'd also like to spend more time talking about how Okawaru's piety clock is something to take into consideration when it comes to healing, as he particularly dislikes inactivity. I guess what hampered most, if not all of these, is trying to be conscientious to the length of the guide per the wiki suggestion (something I still fail to live up to) and not present something onerously long for readers. Still, your right that the fire vulnerability is no minor matter, so I'll probably be revising or adding something soon. Thanks for the review and advice! --Buddy23Lee (talk) 21:27, 10 September 2013 (CEST)