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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
A one-way portal to another place on this level. When using a transporter, adjacent allies and monsters will travel with you to the other side.
The destination site of a transporter. As the portal is one-way, you cannot use this location to return through the transporter.

A transporter teleports you and adjacent creatures to its corresponding landing site -- much like an escape hatch, except you remain on the same floor. Typically, these transporters lead to special vaults filled with additional challenges and treasure such as ghost vaults. They are also used in navigating the Gauntlet and the Roulette of Golubria.

Use the < or > key to enter a transporter. Autotravel (G) will only use transporters you have already entered.


Transporter vaults are often quite terrifying for the stage where you encounter them. In short, if a vault looks like it might kill you, it probably will - so discretion (and coming back later) is the better part of valor here. Nevertheless, there are a few ways how you can soften up the transporter vaults:

  • If there are enemies inside that leave damaging clouds, Fire elementals for example, you can walk around the glass walls to drag these monsters around. With a bit of luck, another monster ends up in their fiery wake... wait a few turns till the cloud dissipates, repeat as necessary.
  • Your allies will follow you in and out of a transporter vault, as long as they stand right next to you when you step through the transporter. This includes allies which don't follow you across floors: skeletons, zombies, etc.

Contrary to most other 'challenge' vaults, many (if not all) transporter vaults can be teleported into (via scroll, trap, or otherwise).


Entrance Exit
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