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This article is about a previous release of Crawl. For information about other versions of Crawl, including the newest, see List of Stone Soup versions.

0.21 is a version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. It was released on January 5, 2018.


Branches, Environment

  • The rate at which unique Pan lord levels appear in Pandemonium is increased.
  • Transporters now have a 'landing site' that indicates their destination.
  • The Hellbinder and Cloud Mage Wizlabs have been revamped to give greater and more varied challenges as well as improved loot.


  • New species: Gnolls, with extremely high aptitudes for all skills, but an inability to focus: Gnolls always train all skills equally, regardless of whether they have the requisite items or spells.
  • Ogres now have better aptitudes in short blades, long blades, and axes.


  • New (temple) god: Wu Jian Council
    • Grants free 'martial' attacks from certain movement actions:
      • 0*: Moving toward an enemy triggers 'Lunge', which attacks the enemy and does extra damage.
      • 1*: Moving between tiles adjacent to a monster triggers 'Whirlwind', which attacks all adjacent foes and 'pins' them, preventing one turn of movement.
      • 2*: Moving against solid obstacles triggers a two-turn Wall Jump, moving two tiles in the opposite direction and attacking any adjacent enemies. This ability can also be triggered via an (a)bility, and the movement- based mode can be disabled using `wall_jump_move = false` in your rc file for more careful play.
      • 3*: Active 'Serpent's Lash' ability, granting two free movement actions, of which any martial actions will never miss.
      • 5*: Active 'Heavenly Storm' ability, creating opaque clouds and increasing your martial prowess while you continue to use 'martial' attacks.
      • Piety is gained through defeating foes.
  • Gozag Potion Petition no longer offers haste/berserk potions for species that can't haste/berserk.
  • Zin blocks 100% of mutations at 6* piety. At that piety level, potions of mutation now only remove mutations and don't cause piety loss.
  • Zin no longer has a mutation removal one-time ability at 6* piety.
  • Makhleb's Minor Destruction has slightly lowered range, and Makhleb's Major Destruction has slightly increased range.


  • Players can now set training targets for skills.
    • Press = on the skill screen, select a skill, and enter a skill level.
    • Training of that skill is disabled when it reaches the specified level.
  • Water species except for merfolk autoexplore/travel through shallow water.
  • Diagonal shift-running now stops properly at doors.
  • Draconian players now show their hat tiles in Tiles/WebTiles.
  • New 'tc_forbidden' RC option to set color of squares forbidden by travel.
  • New xp_by_level morgue table to track XP sources on a per-level basis.
  • New -force-map objstat/mapstat option to always place a given map on each level.
  • New objstat fields for tracking monster numbers/XP from vaults.
  • Many new tiles for artefact weapons and monsters.


  • Wands of the same type merge charges upon pickup and wands have no cap on charges.
  • Wands identify charges upon pickup and are destroyed when their last charge is used.
  • Items in a doorways no longer prevent closing doors in most instances.
    • Items get pushed out of the doorway when the player closes the door.
    • Doors refuse to close only if the items would fall into deep water or lava.
  • Potions of mutations remove fewer mutations on average and are a bit rarer.
  • Fan of gales now disperses clouds at the user's location.
  • Un-equipping an item currently giving you invisibility now gives extra contamination.
  • Lightning rods XP-recharge even when only partially used and only grant a power bonus for shots over consecutive turns.
  • Scarves are never made as artefacts.
  • Wands of random effects include malmutate in the set of possible effects.
  • Permanent food has been simplified.
    • Rations are now the only type of permanent food, replacing bread and meat rations, fruit, and royal jelly.
    • Ration item generation and well as the herbivore and carnivore mutations have been balanced to keep available nutrition the same as before.
    • Fedhas abilities that formerly required a piece of fruit instead require two rations.
  • Removed:


  • Monsters no longer spawn after level-generation in most places.
    • This also eliminates the "super OOD" timer that could generate exceptionally hard monsters after a long time on the level.
    • The number of monsters created during level generation is increased slightly to compensate.
    • Pandemonium and Abyss are unaffected by this change.
  • A fraction of the monsters generated with a level are created awake, but never near stairs.
  • Air elementals now have a Vortex ability, which creates a short-range, short-duration tornado effect.
  • Player ghosts have normal speed regardless of species, never have a chaos ego on their melee attack, and no longer generate in portal branches.
  • Pandemonium lords can no longer have the Shatter spell.