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Cheibriados’s Outrage

I noticed you added a new axe to the list of unrands — thing is, I’m not sure that counts as an unrand. Unrands (short for “unrandom artifact”) are special artifacts that are always generated with the same properties and flavor text, like the Autumn Katana or Bloodbane. The axe of Cheibriados’s Outrage, while kinda nifty-looking, looks more like a regular, randomly generated artifact to me.

Did you find that as an item with white text in-game (for example, a bloodstained war axe)? If so, it’s a random artifact and does not belong on the list of unrands. Other ways to check are by entering Wizard Mode and generating all possible unrandarts (the command is ‘’’&|’’’, if I remember correctly) or by looking at the game’s code (unfortunately I’m currently on vacation and can’t provide a link to the github at the moment). If the artifact you found doesn’t appear when you do that, it’s not an unrand and doesn’t belong on the list.

I appreciate you making the effort to create a new, properly formatted page for something, even if it turns out to be unnecessary. I’ll double-check everything once I get back home. --spudwalt (talk) 23:01, 24 December 2019 (CET)