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Wasting time adding {{version}}

Hey Hauzer? Honestly, you can stop going through and adding those Version Unknown tags on pages. If there's no page, it's assumed that the version is unknown. It's more helpful to go through, finding things which haven't changed, and raising the version tag from 0.14 to 0.15. If you see something that isn't ready to update to 0.15, but you can't make the update yourself (for instance, you know that certain numbers are wrong, but aren't sure what the new numbers should be), it's helpful to go to the Discussion tab for that article and post about it there; oftentimes, another user will come along and code dive for the details. --MoogleDan (talk) 13:05, 29 August 2014 (CEST)

Yes, if there's no version headline, the logical assumption is that the version is unknown. However, adding {{version}} simply makes that more explicit. Explicit is better than implicit, is it not? It's a mundane task, I agree, but it's not like I'm chasing the affected pages. If a page happens to be without {{version}}, I simply do a quick edit and add it. I'm sure a bot could be quickly hacked up for that task. -- Hauzer (talk) 19:25, 29 August 2014 (CEST)
True enough; if nothing else it'll put a little more pressure on others to do research instead of just passing on by. Carry on! --MoogleDan (talk) 21:27, 29 August 2014 (CEST)