Amulet of rage

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Version 0.15: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Type Jewellery
Name Amulet of rage
Icon Amulet of rage.png
This amulet enables its wearer to attempt to enter a state of berserk rage.

Wearing an amulet of rage enhances your berserking capabilities, allowing you to rage at will. This amulet is automatically identified when worn.

Success Rate: 50 + 2×Evocations > (3d100)/3
Cost: 2 MP, and you lose 600 nutrition when it ends

Rage evoc.png

Mummies, ghouls, and vampires at less than Full (hunger) cannot use this amulet. It is also useless for Formicids.


For users with a decent Evocations skill, this amulet is a reliable and effectively infinite source of berserking. For non-Trog followers, this is amazingly useful, especially in the early game. Even without Evocations skill, however, it is far from useless. At no skill, you have a 50% chance of activating it. Simply start making activation attempts when the enemy is two or three tiles away, and if you activate early, simply pass a turn or move to meet it. This will reduce the duration of your berserk slightly, but you should still have plenty of time to crush your opponent. See the Berserk article for advice on intelligent berserking.


Prior to 0.15, this amulet had a tiny chance of extending your berkserk.

Prior to 0.11, this amulet also decreased the odds of you passing out after your berserk state ends.