Staff of power

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Version 0.13: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Type Magical staves
Name staff of power
Icon Staff of power.png
This staff provides a reservoir of magical power to its wielder.

A staff of power is a magical staff which grants you 5 + (0.4 innate max MP) extra max MP while you wield it. Be aware that this does not raise your current MP: you will have exactly as much MP as you had before wielding it until it has recharged on its own. However, because you can never have more MP than your max MP, unwielding this staff can make you lose MP. Additionally, raising your max MP slightly increases your MP regeneration rate.

The staff can also be used in combat, functioning as a +0, +0 staff. Unlike some other magical staves, it provides no magical combat effects, but you can still improve your damage output, accuracy, and attack speed through training Fighting and Staves.

The proportional MP bonus of this staff considers only your innate max MP, ignoring such sources as rings of power, mutations, and divine vigour. Note that the final max MP given by all non-innate sources, including this staff, is subject to a stepdown. Specifically, any max MP over 50 is halved. For example, this means a character with 45 innate max MP who wields this staff will have 59 max MP, instead of 68.


One of the more universally useful magical staves, a staff of power can benefit any caster. That being said, it may be wiser to wield a staff of wizardry if your spell success rate isn't terribly high; being able to cast a spell once reliably is better than being able to fail to cast a spell multiple times.


Prior to 0.13, this staff granted a straight +13 MP, although subject to the same stepdown for max MP over 50.

Prior to 0.8, the chance of a staff of power auto-identifying when wielded depended on the Spellcasting skill of the wielder.