Bestow Arms

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Trunk-only: This article pertains to a feature of Crawl which is being tested. It will likely change before the next release, and may even be removed entirely.
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Temporarily grants numerous nearby allies a magical weapon from within the armoury, so long as the souls holding it together remain intact.

Bestow Arms is a monster-only spell that temporarily grants copies of a random summoned weapon to 5-7 nearby allies. These tend to be top-tier items, with good brands and plusses (from +4 to +9), with a slight bias towards polearms, but also including launchers.

Possible weapons:

These weapons will be branded with either flame, freezing, speed, vampirism, chaos, or distortion. Note that even ranged weapons can get any brand from this list, including vampirism or distortion, which normally don't appear on such weapons.

The following enemies cast Bestow Arms:


  • In 0.32, this spell will be added to the game.