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Version 0.30: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
It freezes victims, dealing an additional one-quarter of any damage that pierces defenders' armour. It may also slow down cold-blooded creatures.

The freezing brand does the following:

  • Deals an average of +25% cold damage (0% - 50%), applied after AC and all damage factors (including slaying).
  • Slows down cold-blooded monsters that are not resistant to cold.


Along with finding freezing weapons as random loot, or using a scroll of brand weapon, freezing can be found on a few monsters:


Freezing is one of a couple percentage-based brands that's good enough to beat a 3-rune game. It's especially good against cold-blooded creatures, including the reptiles in the Lair and draconians in Zot. Unlike flaming, freezing works against orbs of fire, so its somewhat better for Zot:5.

As freezing applies its percentage boost after AC reduction, it is no better or worse when considering strength, weapon type, slaying, or AC. An executioner's axe of freezing receives the same +25% boost to final damage as a quickblade of freezing. It's just that a quickblade's base damage is weak, so a brand like electrocution or pain will be stronger overall.


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