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Version 0.26: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Name Eveningstar
Skill Maces & Flails
Damage 15
Accuracy -1
Base delay (%) 15
Min delay 7 at skill 16
Hands 1H
Size Medium
Ranged? No
The opposite of a morningstar.

Not only is an eveningstar the opposite of a morningstar, it's also a superior weapon. They have the highest base damage of any one-handed weapon, often competing with the faster demon whips/sacred scourges for damage. Unfortunately, they are quite rare.

Mundane Eveningstar1.png
Magical Eveningstar2.png
Artifact Eveningstar3.png
Sceptre of Torment Sceptre of torment.png


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