Box of beasts

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Version 0.20: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Type Miscellaneous item
Name box of beasts
Icon Box of beasts.png
A box filled with the bizarre leftovers of a depraved wizard's magical experimentations. Opening it might set loose a friendly mutant beast: bizarre creatures, each with their own combination of traits. Increased skill with Evocations will allow stronger beasts to be released.

A box of beasts is a miscellaneous magic item which can summon an irregular, albeit friendly, monster, classified generally as a mutant beast. Has a 1/3 chance of destruction after every use.

Mutant Beast

A mutant beast combines a number of random traits.

Six possible facets. Bat: flying, fast, batty. Sting: reach/poison, rPois. Fire: fire breath, rF. Weird: constrict, sInv. Shock: rElec, blinkbolt. Ox: trample, rC, +5 AC.

Five tiers, corresponding to HD and attack damage. Larval (HD 3), juvenile (HD 9), mature (HD 15), elder (HD 21), primal (HD 27).

HD of mutant beasts from the box of beasts is roughly
(Evocations skill + 1d7 - 1d7), rounded up to the nearest tier & capped at 27.


Prior to 0.17, a Box of Beasts would instead summon a chimera.

In 0.16, Box of Beasts became considerably stronger than before.

Prior to 0.13 this item summoned individual (non-chimera) monsters

Prior to 0.9, it appeared as a small ebony casket while unidentified.