Condenser vane

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Version 0.27: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Type Miscellaneous item
Name Condenser vane
Icon Condenser vane.png
A magical device that allows its wielder to create clouds that will engulf and surround all enemies in sight with various destructive clouds, their lethality increasing with Evocations skill.

A condenser vane is evoked to engulf every monster in sight as well as the 8 squares surrounding it with semi-random clouds, with the cloud types increasing in lethality with higher Evocations skill.


Evoking the vane engulfs each monster you see along with the 8 squares around it with dangerous clouds. While one may not choose exactly which clouds will spawn, types include (in order of increasing power) noxious fumes, flame/freezing vapour/poison gas, negative energy, thunder clouds, and acidic fog. Providing your target(s) are not fully resistant, much havoc can be wrought.

At low levels of Evocations, you'll mostly get noxious fumes with the occasional burst of fire, ice, or poison. At moderate levels (about 8 in Evocations), you'll only rarely get noxious fumes, and mostly get fire, ice, and poison with the occasional burst of negative energy or storm clouds. At high levels (starting at around 14 Evocations), you can start getting clouds of acid; after that point, increasing Evocations makes dangerous clouds like negative energy, storms, and acid more common while decreasing the chances of getting fire, ice, and poison.

Maximizing effectiveness

Contrary to intuition, the vane works best either on very high levels of Evocations when it generates acidic or negative energy clouds pretty reliably... or on low levels of Evocations, which will reliably produce noxious fumes and poison clouds - especially if you have picked up the spell Ignite Poison.

Since the condenser vane works very much like the spell Ignition does, it is best used when you are facing a (large) group of enemies with restricted room to maneuver: the density of monsters will create a carpet of clouds, ideally covering your entire line of sight. The entrance to Vaults:5 is an obvious one, as are Ziggurat floors.

Since intelligent enemies will not willingly walk into sufficiently damaging clouds, consider combining a condenser vane carpet with a potion of attraction to pull them in nevertheless. Adding a scroll of silence on top makes the end vault of Elf:3 quite a bit easier.


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