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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Type Miscellaneous item
Name Condenser vane
Icon Condenser vane.png
A magical device that condenses ambient energy into various destructive clouds. When evoked these clouds form around hostile monsters near the user. The quantity and lethality of these clouds increases with Evocations skill. At low power it will create noxious fumes, and as power increases this gives way to roaring flames, freezing vapours, and poisonous gas. At the highest tiers of power storm clouds, acidic fog and clouds of negative energy become available.

A condenser vane is evoked to engulf every monster in sight as well as the 8 squares surrounding it with semi-random clouds.

This item is mutually exclusive with the tin of tremorstones. Like with other miscellaneous evocables, only 1 condenser vane (or tin of tremorstones) will spawn in a given game.

Useful Info

Evoking the vane will create dangerous clouds around monsters, chosen randomly. Each tile can get a different type of cloud. These include, in ascending order of power:

Your Evocations skill determines not only the type of clouds, but also their number and duration.

For each square adjacent to at least one enemy, or containing an enemy, you have a (25 + 3.5*Evocations) / 1.2% chance[1][2] to create a cloud on that square (max. 99.6%; min. 1 cloud total). However, the condenser vane will never create a cloud on top of you or your allies. Each time you use the condenser vane, the clouds will be all the same.

If you are worshipping a good god and you get clouds of negative energy, your god will suppress these clouds and you will not waste a charge of the vane.

The condenser vane expends itself after one use; it can be recharged by gaining experience.


Since the condenser vane works very much like the spell Ignition does, it is best used when you are facing a (large) group of enemies with restricted room to maneuver: the density of monsters will create a carpet of clouds, at least at high Evocations. The entrance to Vaults:5 is an obvious one, as are Ziggurat floors.

Tips & Tricks

  • At low HP, intelligent enemies won't willingly walk through clouds (unless they're already on top of one). A potion of attraction can pull them in. Combining this with Silence can make the end vault of Elf:3 a whole lot safer.
  • In a killhole, the only valid tile will be the one the monster's standing on, thus guaranteeing a cloud on top of them.


  • Prior to 0.31, the condenser vane was less likely to spawn clouds. Also, for every use, all the clouds would be of the same type.
  • Prior to 0.30, the condenser vane would always spawn a 3x3 area of clouds around each monster, regardless of Evocations skill. It could spawn negative energy clouds even if you were worshipping a good god. Also, it did not alternate with the tin of tremorstones.
  • The condenser vane replaced the wand of clouds in 0.26.


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