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Version 0.30: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

Evocable items are magical items, with abilities that are evoked using the V key. Evocables generally use the Evocations skill to determine strength.

Many evocable items are comparable to spells, with some sharing a similar effect. Unlike spells, evocables do not have a failure rate (though some may check willpower to cause an effect), can be cast during Silence, usually have no MP cost, and are allowed by Trog. However, most evocables are limited by charges. You'll need to gain XP, or find more of the same item, in order to use them again. So instead of being a primary means of attack, Evocations tends to be used sparingly, in order to solve sketchy situations.


Magical staves deal extra elemental damage in melee, scaling with skill in both their respective magic school and Evocations. Staves are not proper evokers, so are the exception to a few rules. They are magical, and forbidden by Trog. Staves do not have charges. Artefacts may have directly evoked abilites, but they must be wielded and use MP or some other cost in order to cast.


Two unrandart items provide an ability, which scales with Evocations skill and can be activated from the abilities menu:


Main article: Wands

A wand is a magical device that contains several charges of a specific spell. It does not need to be wielded to be used.

Miscellaneous Evokers

These items can be used to evoke effects. Each miscellaneous evocable can appear once per game, except for the figurine of a ziggurat. They cannot be eaten by Jiyva slimes.


The higher the user's Evocations skill, the more powerful the effect will be. Once used, all items of that type will become inert until you have gained enough experience.

  • Phial of floods.png Phial of floods: Launches a damaging wave of water, creating a pool of shallow water and waterlogging creatures caught in the wave.
  • Lightning rod.png Lightning rod: Fires a bolt of electricity; evoking it in successive turns strengthens the bolt and lets you sweep it over an area

Only one of these two items will appear in a given game.

  • Tin of tremorstones.png Tin of tremorstones: Creates multiple explosions of shrapnel near the player; always risks hitting yourself, but damage is greatly reduced by armour.
  • Condenser vane.png Condenser vane: Creates harmful clouds around every enemy in sight.


These items can be used to summon a creature or two, possibly along with other effects. In most cases, their power depends upon your Evocations skill. Like elemental evokers, they are rendered inert until you gain more experience.

Other Evocables

Other Items


Miscellaneous Evocables
Box of beastsCondenser vaneFigurine of a zigguratHorn of GeryonLightning rodPhantom mirrorPhial of floodsPiece from Xom's chessboardTin of tremorstones