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The goal of this project is to go through the updates and cross out lines once they have been incorporated into the appropriate wiki page.



  • Add history subsections to the god pages since changes were pretty significant.


Stone Soup 0.10 (20120216)

0.10 Highlights (Done)

  • New species: Octopodes, sentient land-capable octopuses.
  • Skill training system reworked. Dancing is really gone this time!
  • All polearms have reaching.
  • Constriction (nagas, octopodes, some snakes, tentacled monstrosities).
  • New version of the Abyss.

Branches, portal vaults, levels

  • Remove the Hive. Guarantee some limited food supply in the dungeon.
  • Completely reworked Abyss: it now morphs continuously over time, is mappable,and extends infinitely in all directions.
  • Most abyssal runes are in special vaults.
  • Escaping the Abyss returns to place of banishment.
  • Ziggurats have much more colourful holy levels.
  • Ziggurats: spriggan levels.
  • Pan monster set tweaked.
  • More Volcano portal vaults.
  • Web "traps", can briefly entangle those caught.
  • A "twisting cavern" map layout.
:I checked the des files, it's randomly generated from lua code to draw a fixed-width passage made of brown rock and occasionally green crystal. --Palin 10:03, 23 February 2012 (UTC)
  • Many vaults, including large altar vaults, Abyss vaults, Pan Lord maps,and several branch endings.
  • A number of branches have a completely new set of tiles: Snake Pit,Labyrinth, Vestibule of Hell, Crypt, Dis, Tartarus, Cocytus, Pandemonium.
  • The chance of getting a unique Pandemonium level increases for each level of Pan you visit.

Gods (Done)

  • Ammo gifts can include large rocks and javelins.
  • Lugonu accepts kills of demons.
  • Cheibriados loses the "Make Ponderous" invocation, slows you down all the time depending on piety.
  • Cheibriados can slow down Abyss morphing and Orb run monster spawns.
  • New Cheibriados ability: Temporal Distortion, moves nearby monsters forwards in time a few turns.
  • Cheibriados doesn't grant resistances anymore.
  • Makhleb's powers use Health instead of Magic.
  • Makhleb gives more Health for killing but no Magic anymore.
  • Makhleb's Greater Destruction costs less piety.
  • Zin followers pay mandatory tithe for piety. No more piety for waiting.
  • Zin takes some gold upon conversion; this gives more piety than donation.
  • Zin's Vitalisation is proactive, protecting from all bad statuses.
  • Prayer to Zin doesn't provide feeding, Vitalisation gives satiation instead.
  • Zin's Imprison duration increased.
  • TSO: piety decays; gain piety for spotting non-evil monsters.
  • Elyvilon: piety decays; piety for pacifications doubled.
  • Elyvilon has piety loss for ally deaths instead of penance.
  • Elyvilon doesn't grant piety for non-evil weapons past *** (even if you drop lower later!). Evil weapons get identified on sight.
  • Deaths of plants and non-living beings no longer count as friend deaths for god conduct purposes.


  • Octopodes: sentient octopuses that can wear eight rings.
  • Draconians cannot wear body armour anymore, can wear gloves and boots.
  • Centaurs can survive longer on vegetarian food.
  • Felids gain lives every three levels.
  • Minotaurs instinctively retaliate in melee.
  • New Demonspawn mutations: Foul Stench, Ignite Blood, and Augmentation.
  • Kenku are now called Tengu, and get more MP.
  • Mountain Dwarves are no more.
  • Minotaur and Hill Orc aptitudes are a lot better.


  • Wild Magic mutation: reduced spell success, increased power.
  • Evolution mutation: extra mutations as time passes.
  • Always gain partial nutrition from brown chunks.
  • Bad food causes nausea instead of sickness.
  • Non-full carnivores cannot eat up to "engorged" without gourmand.
  • A little score increase from runes for non-winners.
  • Poison resistance is only 90% effective.

Spells (Done)

  • New spell: Beastly Appendage (Transmutation 1).
  • Flame Tongue has slightly longer range.
  • Removed: Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Levitate.
  • Abjuration becomes single-target. The old version (Mass Abj.) is available as a new level 6 spell.
  • Swiftness and Flight no longer give an extra boost when cast together.
  • Swiftness halves stealth and makes it harder to detect traps.
  • Flight lowered to level 3, Dragon Form lowered to level 7.
  • Dispel Undead raised to level 5.
  • Summoned Ugly Things are now always friendly.
  • Shadow Creatures don't last as long anymore.
  • Tornado's damage has been slightly improved.
  • Conjure Ball Lightning improved, ball lightnings explode when their duration expires.
  • Mephitic Cloud and Evaporate don't guarantee a 3x3 cloud anymore.
  • Recasting a transformation is no worse than the original cast.
  • Animate Dead animates stacks.
  • Lee's Rapid Deconstruction: prevent abuse, improve targeting.
  • Summon Greater Demon only has tier 1 demons turn hostile over time.
  • Spider form is susceptible to poison.
  • Shatter doesn't work through walls, unless it manages to destroy them.
  • No spells work through glass or trees anymore.
  • Metabolic Englaciation slows down enemies.
  • Twisted Resurrection is improved: corpses merge into abominations on their own without needing to be stacked.
  • Alistair's Intoxication is less reliable, depends on spell power.
  • Boost the effective power of some hexes: Corona, Slow, Mass Confusion,Cause Fear, Control Undead.
  • Olgreb's Toxic Radiance is more effective at high spell power.
  • Confusing Touch is less reliable.
  • Inner Flame leaves clouds of fire when an affected monster explodes.
  • Passage of Golubria creates two portals when cast, and allows more than two portals to exist simultaneously.

Backgrounds (Done)

  • Arcane Marksmen are back, with a Hex-based spellbook.
  • Artificers get a weaker staff and skills, but an extra wand.
  • Transmuters lose Fulsome Destillation and Evaporate, gain Beastly Appendage.
  • Necromancers lose Dispel Undead, gain Control Undead.
  • Monks get ** piety upon taking on their first god.


  • Non-integer values of a skill matter.
  • Add skill training restrictions instead of requiring victory dance-style usage of unknown skills.
  • Stealth skill is no longer heavily discounted.

Interface (Done)

  • Experience points are no longer shown directly, just a percentage to the next level.
  • Throwable starting weapons are autoinscribed with "=f".
  • Leaving an unique Pan level without the rune asks for confirmation.
  • Uniques and player ghosts annotate the level on the overview screen.
  • New character dump options: spell_usage, which counts spells you have cast,and action_counts, which also counts non-spell actions.
  • Ctrl-W toggles weight display in inventory and dropping menu.
  • Better ?/G and ?/B menus.
  • Spell success adjectives are replaced with failure rate percentages. Failure rates are coloured based on potential miscast severity.
  • Many new monster descriptions and quotes.


  • Ignacio no longer uses Torment, and he'll appear repeatedly until killed.
  • New monster: profane servitor - an angel corrupted by Yredelemnul (undead).
  • New monster: blizzard demon - a cold/air rank 2 demon.
  • New holy monsters: silver star, cherub, phoenix, paladin, seraph.
  • Removed: giant toads, vipers, blue deaths.
  • Renamed: Fiend -> Brimstone Fiend, Imp -> Crimson Imp.
  • Reorganized demon ranks, moving easier 1s to 2s.
  • Feature mimics may now masquerade as most features.
  • Item mimics can move once revealed.
  • Monsters will retreat when hit from behind an obstacle they can't walk around.
  • Unique Pandemonium lords can hunt you on the Orb run if you've stolen their runes. Violate the 5th Commandment, not the 7th!
  • Monsters cast emergency spells more often.
  • Breath timeout for dragons, draconians, drakes.
  • Most monster summoning spells toned down slightly.
  • Monsters flee at lower health thresholds, and less predictably.
  • Queen bees can send nearby killer bees berserk.
  • Killer bee larvae turn into killer bees if they eat honeycombs or royal jellies.
  • All abominations are now both demonic and undead.


  • Slaying works like weapon enchantments.
  • Acquirement allows choosing missiles.
  • Nagas and Centaurs get far better chances to acquire bardings.
  • Staff acquirement is more random.
  • Miscellaneous item acquirement gives better decks.
  • Weapon acquirement avoids useless weapon types.
  • Misc items start identified when there are no doubts about them.
  • The Orb of Zot has a slightly mutagenic glow and reduces stealth.
  • The Crusade card can no longer give you permanent allies.
  • All polearms have the reaching brand built in.
  • Quarterstaves are split into two weapons: weak "staff" and good"quarterstaff". Gladiators and Priests get to start with the latter.
  • Common two-handed weapons are easier to use effectively.
  • Several new fixed artefacts: lightning scales, Black Knight's horse barding, ring of Vitality, autumn katana, shillelagh "Devastator", dragonskin cloak, rings of the Octopus King.
  • The Sceptre of Asmodeus can be evoked for temporary charmed unabjurable demons (instead of random conjurations or hostile demons).
  • Scrolls of enchant and vorpalise weapon are always identified upon use.
  • Amulet of guardian spirit draws from HP and MP simultaneously.
  • Remove crystal balls of seeing.
  • Crystal ball of energy restores less MP but has less severe failure effects.
  • Scroll of magic mapping detects secret doors.
  • Tomb card is rarer.
  • Portal card does not give instant teleports.
  • Early weapons tend to be better.
  • Rename potion of healing to potion of curing.
  • Rename wand of healing to wand of heal wounds.
  • Known properties of unique enemies' gear are pre-identified.
  • Medium armour is better.
  • Banded mail is no more, plate mail has been renamed to plate armour.

Webtiles (Done)

  • Monster list.
  • Webtiles games create a ttyrec, allowing them to be watched from SSH.
  • Scale cells for small screens.
  • "Glyph mode" which shows letters instead of tiles.
  • Tiles in menus; Menus are sized according to each spectator's window, and spectators can scroll independently.
  • Improvements to the lobby: show gods, allow sorting on XL/Character/Level, and show milestones.

Zot Defence

  • You can now choose which map to play on.
  • Disable useless gods.
  • Disable hunger, except for Vampires.
  • Creating altar asks for god, at much higher ability cost.
  • Start with some consumables (as in Sprint) to make the early game a little easier.

Technical (Done)

  • Tarballs use xz rather than bz2 compression.
  • Wizard mode is compiled in by default unless you specify NOWIZARD=y.
  • Custom shops can be used in vaults.
  • Multithreading, currently only to speed up database loading.