Beastly Appendage

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Version 0.22: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Beastly appendage.png Beastly Appendage
Level 1
School1 Transmutation
Casting noise 1
Spell noise 0
Causes monstrous horns or talons to grow from the caster's body, granting them a chance of making an extra attack in melee. It is not powerful enough to meld armour or enhance appendages that are already nonhuman.

Beastly Appendage is a level 1 Transmutations spell which briefly gives you one of the following temporary Unarmed Combat-enhancing mutations:

  • Horns 2 - Prevented by use of helmets, but allows for an auxiliary headbutt.
  • Talons 3 - Prevented by use of boots or lack of feet, but allows for an auxiliary kick.

Several species have restrictions on which mutations they can gain from this spell:

  • Species that lack humanoid feet (nagas, centaurs, felids) cannot gain talons
    • Due to their hybrid nature, merfolk also cannot gain talons from Beastly Appendage.
  • Octopodes, being incompatible with either mutation, gain a spiked tentacle instead.

The duration of these mutations is dependent upon your spell power. Sadly, you cannot cast it multiple times to get both effects; casting it again simply extends the duration of your current mutation.

Transmuters begin with this spell memorized.


Beastly Appendage can significantly improve the combat capabilities of low-level transmuters, though its effectiveness depends on which of the mutations you receive: Horns are more powerful than Talons. If you're willing to wear boots and only wear a hat, you can guarantee that the more useful mutation will occur.


  • Prior to 0.12, Claws 3 was a possible result.
  • Prior to 0.11, Beastly Appendage gave you Tentacles for arms instead of Claws.
  • Beastly Appendage was added in 0.10.