Doom Howl

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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Unleashes a piercing howl that catches and echoes in victims' minds. While those echoes linger, nightmarish creatures will hear and track them to their source. It can only be used once by a given creature.

Doom Howl is a monster-only ability that inflicts the Howl status on the target; it is smite-targeted and cannot be silenced. Willpower may resist this spell, though at 96 enchantment power, it requires Will+++++ in order to resist 100% of the time.

While the Howl status is active, monsters from the following list will spawn around the player every 2-4 turns[1]:

D Bone dragon.png Bone dragon

2 Reaper.png Reaper

2 Tormentor.png Tormentor

1 Tzitzimitl.png Tzitzimitl

W Putrid mouth.png Putrid mouth

These monsters are "real" and do not count as summons. Because of that, they are not susceptible to Yara's Violent Unravelling and killing the monster that inflicted the status will not despawn them, but they will grant experience when slain.

The Howl status effect lasts for 12-18 turns[2]. Drinking a potion of cancellation ends the status early.

The following enemies cast Doom Howl:

Doom hounds can only succeed with Doom Howl once. If it fails due to willpower, the doom hound can continue to cast until it succeeds.