Grey rat

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

For a list of all rodents, see list of rodents.

grey rat rGrey rat.png
HP 3-9
HD 1
XP 4
Speed 12
AC 2
EV 12
Will 4
Attack1 5 (bite: plain)

Resistances None
Vulnerabilities None
Habitat Land
Intelligence Animal
Uses Uses nothing
Holiness Natural
Size Tiny
Type rat, grey rat
Flags Warm-blooded
A sickening rodent that has a tendency to move in packs.

Useful Info

Grey rats are slightly faster and more dangerous than normal rats, and often appear in packs, but are otherwise unsurprising. They are a common sight in and around the Sewers, and many spellcasting monsters can summon them to attack you.

Tips & Tricks

Don't let them surround you.


Grey rats were removed in 0.14.