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Version Unknown: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Not to be confused with the scroll of vulnerability, which has a different but related effect.

Vulnerability is a specific weakness in the protections or defences surrounding someone or something. In Crawl, monsters and players can be vulnerable to any of a number of elements, to varying degrees.


Players can be vulnerable to fire, cold, poison, holy, silver, and dragon slaying effects. In most cases, being vulnerable to an element causes that element to do 150% damage to the player. Poison vulnerability causes poison to last twice as long as it ordinarially would. For most vulnerablities, there is no difference between having one level or three, though more vulnerability needs more resistance to negate.

Silver behaves differently than the others; the additional damage it causes scales with the number of mutations you currently have instead of being determined by specific ranks of vulnerability. Dragon Slaying is only found on the unrand Wyrmbane, dealing +75% damage.

Sources of player vulnerability are, by element:

  • Cold
  • Fire
    • Rings of ice give one level per ring worn.
    • White draconians that cast Dragon Form gain one rank of fire vulnerability
    • Being a mummy.
    • Occasionally found on artefacts.
  • Poison
  • Holy
  • Silver
    • Each mutation you possess increases damage from silver weapons by 5% (up to a maximum of 175%).
  • Dragon slaying


Monsters can be vulnerable to all of the same elements as players. Vulnerability works fairly similarly, except that it is only ever one level for monsters, and it causes them to take 200% damage from elemental melee damage. They can gain vulnerability through items just as players do, and many monsters start off with them.

As stated above, holy vulnerability does not specifically relate to weapons of holy wrath. Holy weapons only cause extra damage to monsters which are demonic or undead; many "evil" spellcasters also have holy vulnerability, but do not take extra damage from weapons of holy wrath. They will, however, take more damage from player-invoked cleansing flame.

A non-exhaustive list of monsters vulnerable to the various elements is given below: