Hat of the Alchemist

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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A dirty hat. It bears signs of surviving many weird explosions, which suggests it may have means of protecting the head inside from the risks involved in alchemy experiments.

Hat of the alchemist.png the -2 hat of the Alchemist

-2 hat

+40 willpower (Will+)
rMut (66% chance to block mutations)


Highly desirable. The hat of the Alchemist[1] covers all six "major" resistances, gives willpower, and it blocks mutations too. Having all that in one slot is very nice - at the least, it saves gear slots for other items. Great item, at least for those with solid AC.

However, wearing this hat means a net loss of 5-6 AC from a regular, +2 helmet. Thus, not all characters will want to wear it:

  • In the early game (early/mid Dungeon, Lair...), resistances aren't particularly important. The AC can be more helpful than what this hat offers.
  • Species with limited armour slots, like Ogres and Spriggans, appreciate all the resistances in one slot - but the lack of AC hinders them more. Octopodes may wish to rely on its abundance of ring slots for resistances rather than this hat.
  • If you happen to cover most/all resistances with other artefacts, this hat may be redundant.

Note that other equipment slots can make up for the AC loss. For example, wearing the hat of the Alchemist with a ring of protection is better than having a plain +2 hat with a ring of willpower.


  • In 0.18, the amulet of resist mutation was removed, leaving this artifact as one of the few remaining sources of mutation resistance.
  • Prior to 0.16, it provided only rF+, rC+, rElec, and MR+, but had a +2 enchantment.