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Version 0.29: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
This page is about the player species. For the monster, see Spriggan (monster).
Spriggans are small magical creatures distantly related to Elves. They love to frolic and cast mischievous spells.

They are poor fighters and have little physical resilience, though they are incredibly skilled at dodging attacks. They are terrible at destructive magic - conjurations, summonings, necromancy and elemental spells. On the other hand, they are excellent at other forms of magic, and are very good at moving silently and quickly. So great is their speed that a Spriggan can overtake a Centaur. Their size makes them unable to wear most armour. They cannot wield large weapons, and even most smaller weapons require both hands to be wielded by a Spriggan.

Innate abilities

Spriggans have a base Strength of 4, Intelligence of 9 and Dexterity of 10 (before Background modifiers). They have +1 to base magic points.

Preferred Backgrounds

Level Bonuses

Starting Skills and Equipment

Spriggans start with the skills and equipment listed for their background, with the following exceptions.

Difficulty of Play


Spriggans are a fairly easy race to play, primarily due to their very fast movement speed. They are also the only species with a "tiny" body, giving them high evasion and stealth bonuses, complemented by their excellent aptitudes for those skills. Spriggans also have tremendous, albeit uneven, aptitudes in magic skills.

However, spriggans have very low HP, and are too tiny for most armour. Keep this in mind even when you have huge EV and feel that nothing can touch you; a few bad rolls — or a few evasion-ignoring attacks — can be fatal. Fortunately, Spriggans' high speed makes it easy to remain in control and fight or flee from battles on your own terms.

Skill aptitudes

The higher the value, the better the aptitude.

Skill Aptitude Skill Aptitude Skill Aptitude
Attack Miscellaneous Magic
Fighting -2 Armour -3 Spellcasting 2
Short Blades 1 Dodging 3 Conjurations -3
Long Blades -2 Stealth 5 Hexes 2
Maces & Flails -3 Shields -3 Summonings -2
Axes -2 Necromancy -1
Polearms -3 Invocations 0 Translocations 4
Staves -3 Evocations 3 Transmutations 3
Unarmed Combat -2
Experience -1 Fire Magic -2
Throwing 0 Ice Magic -2
Ranged Weapons 0 Air Magic -1
Earth Magic -1
Poison Magic 0


Spriggans are fast, meaning that outside of getting trapped in between monsters, or scary ranged attacks, you should just be able to run away. Careful exploration (so that you don't have to retreat into unexplored areas) is extremely helpful to avoid those types of nasty situations. They are even faster than centaurs, meaning you can run before the monster starts firing. A +5 Stealth aptitude serves as a reinforcement. Considering Spriggans often don't want to wear heavy dragon armours, training some stealth early on costs little and helps a lot.

While they have the speed to kite, quite the high dexterity, and a tendency for light armour, Spirggans might seem great for ranged weapons. But note that they are unable to use longbows and triple crossbows. Kiting is powerful, but not the be all, end all, with your fragility more noticeable in ranged duels.

Background Choice

Spriggans' innate abilities make them well-suited to a few particular classes:

  • Enchanters: Spriggans' aptitudes heavily favour stabbing, as they are quite talented in Stealth, Short Blades, and Hexes. Moreover, their high speed works very well for a stabber: unlike normal speed races, a few bad rolls of the dice will not leave a Spriggan with an angry ogre sticking to them like glue.
  • Venom Mages and Brigands: Both of these builds rely (early on, at least) upon inflicting high levels of poison on monsters from a distance. Spriggans' speed allows them to maintain that distance, allowing them deal with many threats without ever letting them into melee range.
  • Necromancers: Spriggans have passable aptitude with Necromancy, and the ability to raise several meat shields for yourself is always helpful.
  • Conjurer and Summoner types in general: Being able to maintain distance while blasting is a great thing. Unfortunately, Spriggans' aptitudes for such magic are rather terrible, but spells like Fulminant Prism (Conjurer) and Summon Forest (later on) also use your greater aptitudes.
  • Hunter: As mentioned in the main strategy section, spriggan hunters are able to continuously kite melee enemies and maintain distance.

God Choice

Spriggans are reasonably good with most gods, but a few stand out (in no particular order):

  • Kikubaaqudgha: Goes well with a necromancer build. The torment ability is a bit more useful for Spriggans than most races, since their speed provides a powerful escape option.
  • Trog: A somewhat paradoxical choice, but actually pretty strong. Spriggans' intrinsic speed makes post-berserk slowing noticeably less dangerous, as you remain faster than regular speed enemies. Trog's Hand helps out with their low HP, and Brothers in Arms is a powerful panic button in general.
  • Ashenzari: Complements a stabbing build very nicely. The detection and scrying can be good for avoiding danger, particularly around corners.
  • Okawaru: Armour gifts can occasionally be useful for Spriggans, since they are guaranteed to be wearable for them. Also boosts and gifts ranged weapons.

Cheibriados is considerably more difficult, since they remove one of Spriggans' primary advantages (speed).


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