Inescapable Atlas

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Version 0.28: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Spellbook.png Inescapable Atlas
Primary school Translocation
A collection of maps, with accompanying descriptions of spells that can bring the user to each place. Most copies are locked up, chained down, or otherwise restrained, as the book has a habit of otherwise following its owner wherever they go.


Tile Spell Type Level
Blink.png a - Blink Translocation 2
Manifold assault.png b - Manifold Assault Translocation 4
Storm form.png c - Storm Form Air/Transmutation 7


The spells in this book are quite synergistic. Storm Form deals extremely high melee damage at high spell power, but is lacking in defensive capabilities compared to other high level Transmutations. Manifold Assault allows a user of this spellbook to dispense this high damage from a safe distance, then reposition with Blink when enemies get too close.


  • This book was added in 0.27.