Manifold Assault

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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Manifold assault.png Manifold Assault
Level 4
School1 Translocation
Source(s) Book of Battle
Book of the Warp
Casting noise 5
Spell noise 0
Power Cap 100
Flags No ghost
Warps space into paradoxical configurations in order to strike many visible targets with one melee attack. At high power, it can be used to strike more enemies at once. Very high power is required to launch multiple unarmed strikes in this fashion, since greater care must be taken when warping one's own limbs.

The time taken for the attack is exactly the same as a normal attack. It's imprecise, so it can't do extra damage against unsuspecting foes.

Manifold Assault is a level 4 Translocations spell which allows you to attack multiple targets within line of sight with melee attacks. Each target is hit by 1 attack from your weapon (or fist), with no auxiliary attacks. This spell is cast in the same amount of time as your weapon's attack delay.

If you are wielding a weapon, you can hit up to 2 + power/50 targets (max 4),[1] rounded in a weighted manner. If you are using Unarmed Combat, the number of targets is halved. All hostile monsters that are in LOS have an equal chance to be targeted.

Warpers start with this spell available.


Manifold Assault is unable to stab opponents, while cleaving and reaching have no effect. In addition, the following unrand artefacts do not work at all with this spell:


  • This spell takes quite a bit of investment to cast, at least for a heavy armour melee fighter.
  • Manifold Assault thrives when paired with high damage melee attacks, like two-handed weapons and Transmutations like Dragon Form. The dark maul is especially brutal.
  • This spell can be quite MP intensive. Unless you have great MP reserves (Djinn, Vehumet worshippers, TSO during extended...), you probably can't afford to spam it against everything that enters LOS.


  • In 0.32, Manifold Assault will be a level 7 spell, and its power cap will be 200. Your attacks will hit twice as many targets per cast and will never miss.
  • Prior to 0.31, the unrands Devastator, Sceptre of Torment, Singing Sword, and Mace of Variability did not work with this spell.
  • Prior to 0.30, Manifold Assault was a level 5 spell, with no special behavior towards Unarmed Combat.
  • Manifold Assault was added in 0.27.