Lehudib's crystal spear (unrand)

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Presumably this relic led to the invention of the famous spell, or maybe the other way around.

Lehudib's crystal spear (weapon).png the +6,+6 Lehudib's crystal spear

+6, +6 spear

Returning brand
+3 INT


Lehudib's crystal spear is a very useful item if you have decent Throwing skill, combining high damage, accuracy, and the fact that it will never mulch. Just be careful not to accidentally throw it at enemies in deep water or lava, as its returning brand is not guaranteed to function every time. If discovered early on, some players might wield it for its high enchantment bonuses, but a well-enchanted and branded trident or demon trident will definitely be a superior melee weapon. Casters might also appreciate the intelligence bonus, although a magical staff is a more effective method for enhancing your spells.

The spell version of Lehudib's Crystal Spear does more damage, obviously.


  • The crystal spear was removed in 0.14, as thrown spears no longer damage foes (though the spell still remains).
  • Despite the description, it is not ambiguous which came first, the spell or the spear: the spell predates this artefact by many versions.