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Version 0.31: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

This page is about the various kobold monsters. For the player species, see kobold.

“Kobolds are harmless.”

-Bearand the Bold, epitaph (Magic: the Gathering)

“The Parts Septentrionall are with these Sp’ryts Much haunted.. About the places where they dig for Oare. The Greekes and Germans call them Cobali.”
-Thomas Heywood, _The Hierarchy of the Blessed Angels_, Book IX, l. 568. 1635.

Kobolds are small humanoid creatures with the looks and temperaments of feral dogs. While the most common type is as ever-present in the early dungeon as it is weak, more advanced types exist with an increased ability to threaten and harass.


  • K Kobold.png Kobold - The standard variety of kobold. They are generally only dangerous to beginning characters, when found in large swarms, or when equipped with dangerous items, such as branded weapons or darts.
  • K Kobold brigand.png Kobold brigand - A larger and more robust kobold. Often found leading bands of their kin, and generally equipped with darts (sometimes even curare).
  • K Kobold demonologist.png Kobold demonologist - The most dangerous of the common types, mostly on account of the lesser and common demons they bring to the battle.
  • K Kobold blastminer.png Kobold blastminer - A ranged kobold found in the Orcish Mines. They have both a ranged weapon and a shoulder cannon, using the latter to cast Bombard.

Unique kobolds

  • K Pikel.png Pikel - A big kobold known for his branded whip and band of lemures.
  • K Sonja.png Sonja - An exceptionally quick and nimble kobold armed with not only a branded short blade but rare and dangerous curare darts.


  • In 0.31, kobold blastminers were added to the game.