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Version 0.28: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Crawl's worms and gastropods are an assortment of enemies whose defining traits are moderately powerful attacks and mindless hunger. That said, they are generally quite slow and often have virtually no defenses to speak of, so most characters will not find them terribly difficult to handle. Much like Crawl's arthropods, they are largely weak to poison and lack endoskeletons, meaning they cannot be raised as skeletons.

Most of them have been removed over time, as they presented few challenges to competent players. Those that remain are known for having dangerous abilities that compensate for their slow speed.

Worm types

w Worm.png Worm - These enormous pests can mangle inexperienced adventurers. They recover swiftly from injuries.

w Steelbarb worm.png Steelbarb worm - Fast, armored worms whose bites leave painful barbs in their prey.

w Swamp worm.png Swamp worm - Exceptionally swift worms with painful bites that can pull passersby into the murk of the Swamp.

w Tyrant leech.png Tyrant leech - Loathsome swamp-dwellers that gorge themselves on blood as they tear prey limb from limb.

Gastropod types

w Dart slug.png Dart slug - A small slug that can launch chitinous darts with remarkable range & power.

w Torpor snail.png Torpor snail - An enormous snail sacred to Cheibriados whose very presence slows its prey.

Unique gastropod

w Gastronok.png Gastronok - A particularly massive and powerful slug wearing a fancy hat. He's slow, but he has various spells to get around that.

Retired worms and gastropods

w Brain worm.png Brain worm - Unnatural creatures that fed on the minds of sentient beings.

w Lava worm.png Lava worm - Easily avoidable lava-dwelling annelids with fiery bites.

j Giant slug.png Giant slug - Beefy and fairly strong, but extremely slow and with no defense to speak of.

j Elephant slug.png Elephant slug - A slug the size of an elephant. Basically just an even bigger giant slug.

w Rock worm.png Rock worm - Cautious predators which could swim through rock and stone as though it were water.

w Spiny worm.png Spiny worm - Aggravating acidic worms that corroded your equipment with toxic stings.

j Agate snail.png Agate snail - A variety of snail that would withdraw into its shell when injured, gaining extra defense and regeneration.


  • 0.28 added steelbarb worms.
  • In 0.18, brain worms were removed and dart slugs were added.
  • In 0.15, lava worms, giant slugs, and elephant slugs were removed while torpor snails were added. Additionally, gastropods had their glyph changed from 'j' to 'w', lumping them in with worms.
  • In 0.14, rock worms, spiny worms, and agate snails were removed.