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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

For a list of all worms, see list of worms.

spiny worm wSpiny worm.png
HP 50-83
HD 12
XP 485
Speed 8
AC 10
EV 6
Will 48
Attack1 32 (sting: acid: 7d3)

Resistances rAcid+++
Vulnerabilities Poison
Habitat Land
Intelligence Plant
Uses Uses nothing
Holiness Natural
Size Big
Type worm, spiny worm
Flags No skeleton
A great black worm, its many-segmented body covered in spiky plates of chitinous armour. Acidic venom drips from its toothy maw.

“No sooner had I reached the place than I began to vomit, during which there came from my stomach a hairy worm about a quarter of a cubit in length: the hairs were long, and the worm was very ugly, speckled of divers colours, green, black, and red. They kept and showed it to the doctor, who said he had never seen anything of the sort before...”
-Benvenuto Cellini, _Autobiography_. 1563.
trans. John Addington Symonds, 1187

Useful Info

Spiny worms are dangerous foes found in the Dungeon and the Lair, notable for hitting hard with acidic attacks and having decent durability. They also inflict strong poison in melee, but this is usually less of an issue. They are often found in "worm vaults" along with worms, brain worms, rock worms, and lindwurms, as well as occasionally in the Slime Pits.

Tips & Tricks

  • Although dangerous, they are just barely slow enough for most characters to flee.
  • If you have to go into melee with them, follow the usual rules for fighting acidic creatures. Resist corrosion will mostly protect your equipment from corrosion, artifact and heavily-enchanted gear resists more often than average gear, and having all your equipment slots filled will drop the acid damage you take drastically.


Spiny worms were removed in 0.14