Orb of Dispater

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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A golden orb, granting the power to unleash damnation when held — although not without draining the wielder's vitality in the process. It carries with it some of the corrosive malice of the Iron City of Dis.

Orb of Dispater.png the orb of Dispater

Provides an ability to launch damnation
*Corrode (3%)
+5 AC


The orb gives you an ability to cast Hurl Damnation. However, it comes at a cost to HP and MP:

Spell Power: Evocations×8
Damage: 3d(8+Spell Power/5)
Cost: 10% HP, 4 MP
Restrictions: You cannot use this ability if you are under the effects of Death's Door.


The orb of Dispater[1] is a special orb that can only be obtained by defeating Dispater, lord of the Iron City of Dis.

Very few things can resist damnation damage (it's mainly just the demons that use damnation themselves), making this orb a useful weapon against all manner of end-game monsters. Damnation ignores AC, EV, and all other resistances, meaning it's great at finishing off monsters or dealing with tough monsters.

Of course, by the time you've defeated Dispater, you'll have most likely found a great shield, orb, or two-handed weapon. Therefore, this orb faces heavy competition for the shield slot. You'll often want to keep what you were already using.


  • In 0.30, this item was introduced, replacing the staff of Dispater. Compared to the staff, it gains the *Corrode property and +5 AC.