Rod of demonology

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Type rod
Name rod of demonology
Icon Rod of demonology.png
This rod contains spells of summoning, some of which can unleash demons unto this unsuspecting world.
Spells Type Level
a - Call Imp Evocations 2
b - Abjuration Evocations 3
c - Summon Demon Evocations 5

A rod of demonology provides you with all the tools you need to gain access to moderately powerful demonic support. Call Imp can create several weak but willing minions capable of taking down jellies, mummies, and other opponents you'd rather not face yourself. Summon Demon generates significantly more powerful allies, useful well into the late game, but be aware that these will occasionally arrive hostile. Fortunately, the rod's final spell (Abjuration) is perfectly suited for sending unfriendly summons back to whence they came. While Call Imp is effective even without significant Evocations training, the other two spells are best avoided until you've gotten some skill under your belt.

Although this rod is considered evil by the good gods, they don't mind if you use it for Abjuration.


The rod of demonology was removed in 0.14.