Shield of the gong

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Version 0.30: This article is up to date for the latest stable release of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
A heavy bronze gong that can be worn as a shield. Locked away in a temple for many years, its bearer is shielded by decades of accumulated prayer.

Shield of the Gong.png the +18 shield of the gong

+18 kite shield

-5 EV
+40 Will
Makes very loud noise (intensity 40) whenever you block


The shield of the gong[1] is an incredibly loud, and incredibly dangerous, artefact. While a +18 kite shield is good at blocking melee and ranged attacks, keep in mind that shields do nothing against piercing attacks like bolt spells and javelins. And every time you block, you make an intensity 40 noise. This is as loud as an alarm trap, and much louder than both Qazlal's storm shield (~20 noise) or regular shouting (12 noise). Using it will attract everything nearby to your position.

That being said, there are characters who would like to use this. Qazlal worshippers attract lots of monsters to them, anyway, and a "little" more noise can't hurt. Blasters with spells like Fire Storm will wake the entire dungeon up, anyways. Has potential use for careful necromancers, as spells like Death Channel can be great at managing crowds. And there are characters which are just plain weak - if the player is very very careful, they can use the shield to overcome enemies they otherwise wouldn't. Stair dancing is heavily recommended.

You can also use it as a swapout.

  • Clear the whole level, then use this shield to take out a ghost vault.
  • Use it to lure enemies away from vaults at a distance. Examples include the Elf:3 and Zot:5 end vaults.
  • Loud noises won't mean much in a Ziggurat. Note that a character doing megazigs will likely prefer either a highly enchanted randart tower shield or an orb of mayhem instead.