Staff of Battle

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
A staff encased in vividly coloured scales, wrought by a long-forgotten wizard. It was the mage Iskenderun's favourite playtoy. The staff increases the power of its wielder's conjurations. When danger looms, it conjures a battlesphere, the strength of which depends on the wielder's skill with Conjurations.

For the current version of this item, see sphere of Battle.

Staff of battle.png the +0 staff of Battle

+0 staff

Enhances the power of the wielder's Conjurations
Automatically creates a battlesphere when monsters are in sight; the battlesphere's power depends on your skill with Conjurations.
Hitting a monster with the staff will trigger the battlesphere.


Spellcasters who are already using a staff of conjuration will likely want to upgrade to the staff of Battle[1] if they find it. Other mages may also want to hold onto it if they aren't engaging in weapon combat, as having a battlesphere following you around will increase the damage output of your Conjurations for no extra cost.

Unlike mundane staves of conjurations, the staff itself deals no additional damage in melee, but will trigger the battlesphere. Depending on your skill in Conjurations, Evocations, and other schools of magic, a more mundane enhancer staff may be a better choice of melee weapon.

Characters that do not plan to use Conjurations have no use for the staff of Battle. Djinn can make use of the staff, but as they cannot train the Conjurations skill, the battlesphere's performance will be weaker.


  • In 0.30, the staff of Battle was replaced by the sphere of Battle.
  • Prior to 0.28, hitting enemies in melee with the staff of Battle did not trigger the battlesphere.
  • The staff of Battle was added in 0.24.