Staff of channeling

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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.
Type Magical staves
Name staff of channeling
Icon Staff of channeling.png
This staff allows its caster to channel ambient magical energy for his or her own purposes.

A staff of channeling is a magical staff which, when evoked, restores 1-3 MP at a cost of 50 food. While this is much less efficient than waiting for your MP to regenerate naturally, it is also much faster, allowing you to regain access to spells in the middle of combat. A failed attempt does not incur the hunger cost. Your chances for the staff's success improve with Evocations training:

Evocations Success Rate (%)
0 28
2 33
5 40
10 53
15 65
20 78
25 90
27 95

The staff can also be used in combat, functioning as a +0, +0 staff. Unlike some other magical staves, it provides no magical combat effects, but you can still improve your damage output, accuracy, and attack speed through training Fighting and Staves.


Although not without its uses (particularly for characters with minimal hunger issues) a staff of channeling is less useful than Sif Muna's Channel Energy ability. Even though it is much more efficient in terms of food cost, its failure rate is much higher and the recovered MP significantly lower. Also, you will likely want to wield a weapon or staff which improves your combat performance most of the time, and switching weapons mid-fight wastes precious turns.


This item was removed in 0.13, but its functionality was added to the staff of energy.

Prior to 0.8, the chance of a staff of channeling auto-identifying when wielded depended on the Spellcasting skill of the wielder.