Sword of Power

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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A mighty sword which rewards the powerful with power and the meek with weakness. Particularly hale users will find that power directed into their foes in the form of devastating, though inaccurate, energy bolts.

Sword of power.png the +9 sword of Power

+9 great sword
When striking in melee, has a 10 * HP / 27 % chance to fire an inaccurate 1d40 range 4 bolt in the direction of your target.[1][2]


The sword of Power[3] is a decent weapon for most high-level Long Blades users, if they don't mind giving up their off-hand slot. It's especially effective when fighting groups of enemies in straight corridors, as the beams will cut through the creatures standing behind your target.

This sword reaches its full potential when wielded by robust species (Ogres, Nagas, Minotaurs, etc.) or characters that can consistently go berserk. Frail characters, as the flavor suggests, should probably choose a different sword; a +9 branded triple sword deals similar damage independent of your HP, while a demon blade or double sword requires less skill investment and allows you to use a shield.


  • Prior to 0.30, the Sword of Power was a +5 vorpal great sword.
  • Prior to 0.26, the Sword of Power was a +0, unbranded great sword. Every 10 HP you had increased its enchantment, up to a max of +27.
  • In older versions, the Sword of Power's enchantment would vary from -4, -4 to +20, +20, making it anywhere from distinctly bad to being still worse than a well-branded triple sword.