Sword of Power

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Version 0.24: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A mighty sword which rewards the powerful with power and the meek with weakness.

Sword of power.png the Sword of Power

(0 to +27) great sword

Enchantment varies based on your current HP: It gains +1 for every 10 HP up to 270.


Although beefy characters, especially berserkers, can get satisfying results out of this, it can easily become much less impressive if you get hit by a timely torment or hail of yaktaur bolts. Also, the absence of a brand makes it much less effective than you might expect: its damage output at full enchantment is not too different from a +9 triple sword of freezing, owing to the fact that enchantment damage is not increased by skill, whereas base damage and indirectly brand damage are. It does have the advantage of being extremely accurate at full enchantment, but usually by the time you can comfortably wield a great sword, accuracy isn't a huge issue. Don't use this without some means of quick escape and a solid backup weapon. Alternatively, just use a well-enchanted, branded triple sword.


This weapon has actually been significantly buffed. In older versions, its enchantment would vary from -4, -4 to +20, +20, meaning at full enchantment it was less efficient than a branded triple sword, and at its base enchantment, it was a distinctly bad weapon, as opposed to a mediocre one.