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Obsolete: This article refers to an aspect of the game which has been removed. It is retained for historical reference only.

The teleport control intrinsic allows you to choose your destination when teleporting, but increases the amount of time you have wait before the teleport takes effect. The control is not completely precise: there can be a deviation of up to 2 squares. If this would land you in a wall or a monster, you get a random teleport instead. Additionally, with teleport control a blink becomes semi-controlled. Upon casting, you'll be prompted to select a direction you'd like to go and will then blink 2-7 spaces away. The teleport control status will be lost after this, and you'll gain some magic contamination. Note that if you cast the spell, reconsider, and then cancel the controlled Blink, you'll expend one turn. The level 7 spell Controlled Blink allows you to choose a exact position and without needing teleport control.

Controlled teleportation can be hazardous if overused, accumulating significant amounts of glow with each attempt. Try not to use it more than twice in a row to avoid unpleasant consequences.

There are three methods of obtaining teleport control: evoking a ring of teleport control, casting the level 4 spell Control Teleport, or drawing the Portal card (sometimes).


A controlled teleport will usually send you to a square you select or one of the 8 neighboring squares, but there is a 25% chance of your destination being one tile away from wherever you should otherwise land. This means that you may land anywhere in a 5×5 grid around your target tile. If your final destination is occupied and thus unsuitable for teleportation, you'll get a random teleport instead.

Assuming that all squares are valid teleport positions, the odds of each possible landing site are listed below (the middle of the table is the targeted square):

0.3% 0.6% 0.9% 0.6% 0.3%
0.6% 9.6% 10% 9.6% 0.6%
0.9% 10% 11% 10% 0.9%
0.6% 9.6% 10% 9.6% 0.6%
0.3% 0.6% 0.9% 0.6% 0.3%



Berserk characters are incapable of the mental focus necessary for a controlled teleport, so all their teleports will be random. However, they will still suffer an increased delay.


Teleport control is not allowed on some levels until certain conditions are satisfied. The message, "You sense a powerful magical force warping space," will appear as soon as you arrive on these levels, and you'll see the "-cTele" flag in your status display. Attempting to teleport anyway will simply generate a random teleport instead.

  • Labyrinths - Controlled teleports are disabled in Labyrinths. Furthermore, all teleports within a labyrinth will move you away from the center, never toward it.
  • Elven Halls:3 - Controlled teleports are disabled on Elven Halls:3.
  • The Slime Pits:6 - Controlled teleports are disabled on Slime Pits:6 until you have killed the royal jelly. Note that you'll need teleport control (or a means of digging) to get to the treasure and rune on this level.
  • The Abyss - Controlled teleporting is always disabled in the Abyss. Additionally, it may take longer than usual for a random teleport to kick in (message: "You have a feeling this translocation may take a while to kick in..."). Teleporting in the Abyss has a 20% chance of generating a new Abyss level.
  • The Tomb - Controlled teleports are disabled in this branch until you have obtained the golden rune.
  • The Iron City of Dis:7, Tartarus:7, Gehenna:7, Cocytus:7 - Controlled teleports are disabled on the last floor of each Hell subbranch until you've acquired the rune.
  • Ziggurat - Controlled teleports are disabled on floors 25-27. Floors 7-24 have the possibility of being disabled.
  • The Realm of Zot:5 - Controlled teleports are disabled on level 5 of the Realm of Zot. Once you have acquired the Orb of Zot, controlled teleports are permanently disabled for the rest of the game.


Teleport control and the -cTele level flag were removed in 0.17.

Prior to 0.13, the cTele status didn't dissapear after each use, controlled teleports' delay was normal, there was a mutation that granted permanent teleport control, and the ring of teleport control granted this intrinsic passively.