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Use this template for a monster's spells. A list that is up-to-date as of 0.16 can be found here. Put the damage in the template, as it varies by HD for some spells.

|slot1=[[Dimension Anchor]]
|flags1={{Wizard slot flag}}
|flags2={{Wizard slot flag}}
|flags3={{Wizard slot flag}}
|slot4=[[Mass Confusion]]
|flags4={{Wizard slot flag}}
|slot5=[[Strip Resistance]]
|flags5={{Wizard slot flag}}
|flags6={{Emergency slot flag}}, {{Wizard slot flag}}
|slot7=[[Deflect Missiles]]
|flags7={{Wizard slot flag}}
Spell set
Slot1 Dimension Anchor Wizard flag
Slot2 Slow Wizard flag
Slot3 Haste Wizard flag
Slot4 Mass Confusion Wizard flag
Slot5 Strip Resistance Wizard flag
Slot6 Invisibility Emergency flag, Wizard flag
Slot7 Deflect Missiles Wizard flag

Since 0.16, the number of slots a monster can have is variable. Therefore, you must use one of the following templates: Template:Spellcaster1, Template:Spellcaster2, Template:Spellcaster3, Template:Spellcaster4, Template:Spellcaster5, Template:Spellcaster6, or Template:Spellcaster7.