Deflect Missiles

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Version 0.19: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Deflect missiles.png Deflect Missiles
Level 6
School1 Air
School2 Charms
Source(s) Book of Enchantments
Book of the Sky
Casting noise 3
Spell noise 0
Power Cap 200
Flags Helpful, Utility
Protects the caster from all kinds of projectile attacks, making them significantly easier to dodge. It is highly effective against both single-target and penetrating attacks. Each time a missile is deflected the spell has a chance of expiring, with a lower chance of expiry at high power.

Deflect Missiles is a level 6 Air/Charms spell which strongly protects the caster from ranged attacks.


Once cast deflecting missiles (DMsl) status is gained. This status will not time out, instead on each successful deflection there is one in 2 + power / 8[1] chance of losing the status. The status can also be lost by magic-dispelling effects (like potion of cancellation or Quicksilver Bolt) or forgetting the spell.

While active Deflect Missiles reduces the to-hit of ranged attacks against the caster to a random value between:

  • vs single-target beams: 0% - 50% of its normal value
  • vs penetrating bolts: 0% - 66% of its normal value[2]

This spell only helps you to evade ranged attacks; it has no effect on your ability to block them.

Deflect Missiles is a more advanced version of Repel Missiles and it's effect overrides Repel Missiles' effect.


This spell gives a very good amount of protection, but there are still a few ranged attacks than can ignore it, among them such nasty things as Hellfire, Torment, and Fireball, as well as all Hexes. Even so, it can be very useful in places like the last level of the Shoals (merfolk javelineers), the last level of the Elven Halls (deep elf master archers), or Zot (electric golems, ancient liches).

Despite its power, this spell's usefulness is very character-dependent. In general, it doesn't do much that Repel Missiles and a good EV or AC won't do. Usually, the characters who will find this the most useful are the purest of casters: it is possible for a DEFE to conquer the Realm of Zot with 8 AC and 16 EV if they make very judicious use of this and other utility spells.


Prior to 0.14, deflecting missiles status expired based on a timer.


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