Word of Chaos

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Version 0.27: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Speaks a word of chaos, forcing enemies nearby to blink away from the user. Additionally, those affected may be slowed, ensnared, or terrified by the experience. Invoking a word of chaos is no easy feat and will drain the user somewhat. Additionally, there will be a short time before the ability can be used again.

Word of Chaos is an ability acquired at rank 3 of the Corrupting Presence demonspawn mutation. This ability blinks away all enemies in LOS. Each enemy affected may additionally be ensnared, slowed, and/or frightened.

Cost: 6 MP, moderate draining, 15-24 turn cooldown

Spell Power: 40 + 6 × XL
Chance to Ensnare: Spell Power / 500
Chance to Slow: Spell Power / 500
Chance to Cause Fear: Spell Power / 500


  • This ability was added in 0.27.