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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

This page refers to the orb ego. For the mechanic sometimes referred to as god wrath, see divine retribution.

It berserks the wearer when making melee attacks.

Wrath is an ego found only on orbs. Much like an artefact with the *Rage property, characters wielding an orb of wrath have a 20% chance to go berserk when making a melee attack. It stacks additively with other sources of *Rage.


  • Going berserk at random is *very* risky, as berserk prevents you from using most items. Orbs take up the offhand, making it doubly risky.
  • The 5+ turn equip delay prevents you from having on-demand berserk. But it can still be used as a swapout; swap to the orb in safety (such as on the floor above). You can swap to this orb when going berserk is helpful, such as when taking on ghost vaults.
  • Ranged attacks, wands, and spells do not trigger the berserk. If you need to take something out, don't want to go berserk, and don't have time to drop the orb, see if you can deal damage without resorting to a melee attack.


  • The wrath ego, along with orbs, was introduced in 0.28.