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Version 0.30: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
It may return the magic spent to cast spells, but lowers their success rate. It always returns the magic spent on miscasts.

The Energy ego occasionally refunds MP when casting spells. It can only be found on orbs.

When successfully casting a spell, this ego gives a 20% chance to have the full MP cost refunded. When you miscast a spell, you will always have MP refunded. However, it increases your raw spell failure chance by +10%, added. (For reference, the first stack of wizardry reduces raw spell failure by x75%.)

Note that this does not mean that your spell failure actually increases by +10%, as its modified by a function. See the Spell Success page for details. For example:

  • If you have a spell with 6% failure, an orb of energy increases it to 17% actual failure.
  • If you have a spell with 2% failure, an orb of energy increases it to 8% actual failure.
  • For spells with 1% failure, it varies. A 1% failure might increase to 2% or 9% actual failure, depending on how much skill you have.

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  • Prior to 0.30, channeling was different, You had a 2 * Evocations / 108 chance to regain MP on any cast. Each time this happens, the channel could "backfire" - you have a 1 / (Evocations - MP cost) chance of either being confused for 1 + 1d4 turns or losing 1-5 intelligence. It did not increase failure rate.
  • This ego was introduced, along with orbs, in 0.28.