Wrath of Trog

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Version 0.28: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
A bloodstained axe that was the favourite weapon of the old god Trog, before it was lost. It induces a bloodthirsty berserker rage in warriors who use it in battle, although mere mortals who wield it will find themselves temporarily overwhelmed by Trog's power.

Axe wrath of trog.png the +8 Wrath of Trog

+8 battleaxe

Antimagic brand
Rampaging ego
Forces berserk on 50% of attacks
May extend berserk duration on kill
-Berserk and Slow on equip


There's really not much reason to use the Wrath of Trog[1] as your primary weapon. Berserkers can just wait for Trog to gift them a decent antimagic weapon that doesn't come with berserkitis, and other melee specialists may wish to use a weapon with a more universally useful brand and not have to worry about going berserk every fight. Undead species are still unable to berserk, though they might want to use a broad axe or executioner's axe instead. In all cases, players should be wary of this weapon's rampaging ego.

The berserkitis' activation rate is high enough that it's actually the weapon's best selling point at the same time, at least in the role of secondary weapon. If you have the skill to use it at mindelay, a berserk character wielding it can very quickly take down powerful foes, and the antimagic brand will negate any casting threat your target might have posed. Just avoid using it in situations where berserking would be a terrible idea. Due to the equip penalty, it is a terrible in-battle swapout, though it can be good if you have time to prepare.


This is one of the oldest artefacts in the game, which perhaps explains its continued existence. In fact, it even predates Trog, existing before gods were implemented, and it is very likely the inspiration for the god.

True to the weapon's description, Trog will never gift it, since it is lost.


  • Prior to 0.27, the Wrath of Trog did not extend your rage on kills like Trog, did not have the Rampaging ego, and did not cause a Berserk cooldown when equipped.
  • Prior to 0.15, it was a +3, +11 battleaxe.