Broad axe

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Version 0.21: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
Name Broad axe
Skill Axes
Damage 13
Accuracy -2
Base delay (%) 16
Min delay 7 at skill 18
Hands 1H
Size Medium
Ranged? No
An axe with langets, spikes, a lengthed haft and a single-bladed crescent head.

"Weapon, shapely, naked, wan!
Head from the mother's bowels drawn!
Wooded flesh and metal bone! limb only one, and lip only one!
Gray-blue leaf by red-heat grown! helve produced from a little seed sown!
Resting the grass amid and upon
To be lean'd, and to lean on."

-Walt Whitman, _Song of the Broad-Axe_, l. 1-6. 1867

This weapon falls into the Axes category. It is a one-handed weapon.

Broad axes are the most powerful axes you can wield that allow shields, but also the slowest, requiring a significant skill investment to reach min delay. As most axe-wielders prefer to use two-handed weapons, they aren't terribly popular, but they still deal enough damage to make them a viable choice throughout the game if you find a particularly nice artefact.

Like all axes, this weapon allows the player to cleave, which helps compensate somewhat for its relatively mediocre base damage and speed.

Mundane Broad axe1.png
Magical Broad axe2.png
Artifact Broad axe3.png
Unrandart Broad Axes
"Arga" Mithril axe arga.png
Obsidian Axe Obsidian axe.png


Prior to 0.12, broad axes had 14 base damage and no cleaving.

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