Ziggurat Sprint

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Ziggurat Sprint is one of the Dungeon Sprint variants. It consists of 27 rooms, connected by portals, which get progressively larger as you travel through them (much the same as a normal Ziggurat ). Upon entering the portal in the final room you are teleported to a small room containing the Orb of Zot and a stairway out, allowing you to escape.

In the first room there are altars of all the gods and a lot of equipment and consumables including a number of unrandarts. However, there are no spellbooks.


Consider taking Qazlal. You gain piety at an accelerated rate in Sprint, and Qazlal both gives piety on kills and lets you directly turn piety into kills. The result is that if you survive long enough to be able to use Disaster Area you can use it on almost everything (whereas outside Sprint the piety cost is prohibitive), and if you then train Invocations rapidly, it will kill everything (and unlike, eg, The Shining One's Cleansing Flame or Yredelemnul's Drain Life, it works on everything). It is quite possible to meet two dozen pandemonium lords on a later ziggurat sprint level; and with Qazlal it is quite possible then to just blow them up.