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Version 0.17: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Dungeon Sprint is a fast-paced Crawl variant in which you must explore a single brutally hard floor in pursuit of the orb of Zot. It begins by asking you to select your species, background, and which Dungeon Sprint map you'd like to attempt. Each map is a unique single floor for you to complete, but be aware that these are designed to be incredibly hard. The floorplan, monsters, and locations of items and shops are usually fixed (some maps feature sub-areas with multiple variations), while the exact items and shops you find are usually random.

Over the course of a single floor you will find yourself jumping from fighting goblins and rats to high level uniques, including some bosses only found in Dungeon Sprint. In order to give you half a chance at being ready for them, Sprint features accelerated character growth; you gain skills and piety at 9× normal speed.

You can play Dungeon Sprint on any of the online servers, and the source code is also available online in case you want to look at it or change it yourself. Players can easily make a new level for Sprint to take place on by editing the file source/dat/des/variable/entry.des in the Sprint source code, the "dungeon-sprint" branch on git://git.develz.org/crawl-ref.git. Making new levels this way is actually pretty straightforward: Crawl's .des files aren't hard to read and change even for a non-programmer, and there's a how-to guide here.


There are currently nine Sprint maps.


Dungeon Sprint was inspired by the Tomb of Horrors, a Dungeons & Dragons module from the 1970's notorious for being unfairly deadly.


Dungeon Sprint was initially invented by Chapayev. It was included as an official part of the downloadable version of Crawl in 0.7, and has had multiple maps added since then.

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