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Version 0.19: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Acid is a damage type most commonly dealt by jelly and yellow draconians, which can be resisted with resist corrosion. It no longer corrodes your equipment, but instead applies temporary corrosion status, which lowers your AC and slaying.

Sources of Acid

Acidic damage can come from several sources.

Acidic Flesh

Some monsters have acidic flesh:

Acid Spit

The following monsters can spit acid:

The above damage bypasses AC and may add corrosion status.

Acidic Melee Attacks

The following monsters have acidic melee attacks:

Slime Walls

Standing next to the walls of the Slime Pits will cause players and non-jelly monsters to take damage, although it does not cause the corrosion status.

Worshipers of Jiyva are unaffected by slime walls.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistance reduces damage taken from acid and reduces the chance of being further corroded.

The sources of Corrosion resistance are:

Damage Reduction

Players with corrosion resistance take 50% damage from acid. All monsters with any degree of acid resistance are completely immune to acid damage.


Corrosion is a temporary status effect which gives a stackable -4 to slaying and AC for as long as it lasts. Corrosion will be repaired after enough turns have passed.


Prior to 0.15, corrosion instead caused permanent damage to weapons and armor, reducing their enchantment values, possibly into the negatives. Also, potions of resistance did not grant rAcid or rCorr. There were previously three tiers of acid resistance, each one further reducing acid damage; now there is only one level which is merged with corrosion resistance.