Dragon's Call

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Version 0.14: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.
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Dragon's call.png Dragon's Call
Level 9
School1 Summoning
Casting noise 7
Spell noise 15
This spell issues a powerful call to a draconic realm, beckoning forth dragon after dragon to engage the summoner's enemies. The spell is taxing to maintain, and each new dragon which answers the call will further drain the summoner's magical reserves.

Dragon's Call is a level 9 Summonings spell which, for its duration, summons dragons to attack opponents in your line of sight. These dragons are summoned close to your enemies and don't need to be told to attack. Along with the spell's base cost, each dragon summoned this way will cost you 2 or 3 additional MP. After the spell ends there is a short duration (~10 turns) during which you will be unable to recast it.

Possible summons include:

D Fire dragon.png Fire dragon D Ice dragon.png Ice dragon D Shadow dragon.png Shadow dragon D Storm dragon.png Storm dragon D Iron dragon.png Iron dragon D Quicksilver dragon.png Quicksilver dragon D Golden dragon.png Golden dragon

For worshipers of good gods, shadow dragons (and golden dragons in the case of TSO) are replaced with storm dragons or iron dragons.



Dragon's Call replaced Summon Dragon in 0.14.