Book of Envenomations

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Type Book
Name Book of Envenomations
A book of magic spells, glowing with a sickly green light. This book was first written by Olgreb, the infamous Venom Mage, who murdered many of his rivals by sending them highly poisonous copies as gifts. Current editions are harmless, though often dead bookworms and silverfish are found stuck between the pages.


Tile Spell Type Level
Spider form.png a - Spider Form Transmutation/Poison 3
Poison weapon.png b - Poison Weapon Charms/Poison 3
Summon scorpions.png c - Summon Scorpions Summoning/Poison 4
Olgreb's toxic radiance.png d - Olgreb's Toxic Radiance Poison 4
Poisonous cloud.png e - Poisonous Cloud Conjuration/Poison/Air 6


The book of Envenomations is the second book in the acquirement series for Poison Magic.

While the spells contained are generally quite useful, none of them provides significant assistance against poison-resistant enemies, so most Venom Mages prefer the Book of Annihilations and Poison Arrow, and thus take Vehumet over Sif Muna.