Monster generation

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Many monsters are placed during dungeon creation, but more are created over time. Specifically, there is a "monster generation rate" (MGR), and every 5 turns, there is a (5 in MGR) chance of a monster spawning somewhere on the level. The MGR's value varies:

  • Main dungeon: starts at 240 for the first 3k turns, then linear increase (less spawning) to 1440 at 15k turns, after which generation stops entirely. After 1k turns, the odds of badly out-of-depth monsters start rising.
  • Pandemonium: Same but going from 50 to 300, and "out-of-depth" is moot.
  • Hell: starts at 240, increases after 500 turns.
  • Abyss: 5 (monster generation every 5 turns). For worshipers of Cheibriados, the rate is halved.
  • Orb run: set to 8, (16 if you are a follower of Cheibriados), and the monster set is special:


Orb run spawns were changed in 0.13: the most notable additions were Orb Guardians and eyeball monsters.