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Version 0.28: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

For the Jiyva mutation, see eyeballs.

Eyeballs are deceptively dangerous creatures, as most of them lack any means of dealing damage to you. However, their gazes carry terrible effects all the same, permanently disfiguring you or leaving you easy prey for other, less subtle enemies. They can be found in great numbers in the Slime Pits, though they occasionally appear in the Dungeon and some other branches as well. Much like jellies, all eyeball monsters will be neutral towards worshipers of Jiyva.

Eyeball Types

G Floating eye.png Floating eye- Due to their paralysis-inducing gaze, staring contests are not recommended.

G Golden eye.png Golden eye- These pests fly around erratically, leaving you too confused to fight effectively.

G Eye of devastation.png Eye of devastation- Angry eyes overflowing with explosive arcane power. Their deadly gaze drills through foes with ease.

G Shining eye.png Shining eye- Every turn you spend within a shining eye's sight is a turn in which it might decide to mutate some adjustments into you. Kill them quickly.

G Great orb of eyes.png Great orb of eyes- A conglomeration of many eyeballs capable of causing multiple dangerous effects. They are unique among eyes in that they also bite in melee.

Retired Eyeballs

G Eye of draining.png Eye of draining- Ravenous eyeballs that healed themselves by consuming your MP from afar. Little threat to weapon specialists, but mages feared and loathed them. Removed in 0.27.