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Version 0.28: This article may not be up to date for the latest stable release of Crawl.

Demons are unholy monsters from the infernal planes of Hell, Pandemonium, and the Abyss. They range in difficulty from minor nuisances like the crimson imp to the mighty Greater Demons, and have a wide variety of powers. They can be brought into the world by summoning them, and they also appear in later levels of the Dungeon, especially the aforementioned infernal branches.

All demons are considered evil, and take additional damage from holy wrath-branded weapons and Holy Word. Many gods award piety for destroying them. Makhleb and Xom may grant demonic servants to their worshipers.

In the ASCII version of Crawl, tiered demons are represented by a numeral representing their tier level (1-5). More powerful demons are represented by an ampersand (&).

Demon List

Tier-5 Demons

Tier-5 Demons are the weakest class of demons. They're common in the early dungeon, and are often summoned in droves by stronger creatures. Only fresh adventurers should have trouble dealing with these. The imps can be summoned by using Call Imp.

5 Crimson imp.png Crimson imp- A pesky little beast that blinks often and regenerates. Very difficult to pin down and kill, but otherwise fairly harmless.

5 Iron imp.png Iron imp- Metallic imps that are slow, but have more HP and melee power than other imps.

5 Lemure.png Lemure- Cursed souls bound into service to interdimensional slavers. Kill their master, and they will go free.

5 Quasit.png Quasit- Small demons with decent HP and dexterity-draining melee attacks.

5 Shadow imp.png Shadow imp- Minor demonic torturers that can cast Pain.

5 Ufetubus.png Ufetubus- Fast with decent EV, but is otherwise weak. Summoned in droves by the tier-3 ynoxinul.

5 White imp.png White imp- Frosty little demons that have Throw Frost and a cold-flavoured melee attack.

Tier-4 Demons

Tier-4 Demons are more powerful than tier-5 demons, but are still among some of the weakest demons in the game. None are capable of inflicting damage at long range, although a few possess other special abilities. They are occasionally granted as allies by Makhleb's Lesser Servant invocation.

4 Chaos spawn.png Chaos spawn- Ever-shifting creatures that move swiftly and have chaos-branded melee attacks. They degenerate into clouds of raw chaos when killed.

4 Hellwing.png Hellwing- Skeletal demons that can soar over intervening creatures to attack their targets from behind.

4 Ice devil.png Ice devil- Spell-less demons that nonetheless have powerful cold attacks, though they dislike fire.

4 Orange demon.png Orange demon- Demons with venomous stinger tails that can reach out and inflict weakness.

4 Red devil.png Red devil- Flying devils that coat their tridents with barbs. Vulnerable to cold.

4 Rust devil.png Rust devil- Metallic demons with multiple resistances and corrosive attacks.

Tier-3 Demons

Tier-3 Demons are demons of average power that display an assortment of capabilities. Some are notably more dangerous than others.

3 Neqoxec.png Neqoxec- It will gladly malmutate you, drain your intelligence, or summon imps to attack you.

3 Sixfirhy.png Sixfirhy- An electrical imp that moves in bursts of blinding speed. Relatively weak, but very painful if you are not resistant to electricity.

3 Smoke demon.png Smoke demon- Demons of living smoke that are dangerous at range with Sticky Flame Range, Steam Ball, and Smite.

3 Soul eater.png Soul eater- Moderately powerful demons that can Drain Life out of nearby foes.

3 Sun demon.png Sun demon- Speedy fire demons that have powerful, fiery attacks but are vulnerable to cold.

3 Ynoxinul.png Ynoxinul- A summoner of ufetubi which can also cast Iron Shot.

Tier-2 Demons

Tier-2 Demons are challenging combatants due to a wide range of abilities. They are the second most powerful tier of standard demon. Additionally, a worshipper of Makhleb may summon some of them using the Greater Servant ability.

2 Balrug.png Balrug- Huge, fast demons that wield branded demon whips, cast powerful fire magic, and smite their foes.

2 Blizzard demon.png Blizzard demon- Demons that are capable of casting powerful Air and Ice Magic spells.

2 Cacodemon.png Cacodemon- A dangerous, debilitating demon that can cast Malmutate, Slow, and Confuse. They can also dig through walls or pelt you with energy bolts.

2 Green death.png Green death- Demons that attack you with all manner of dangerous toxins.

2 Hell beast.png Hell beast- Dangerous melee demons that can trample foes out of position. The Horn of Geryon can call in hordes of them.

2 Hellion.png Hellion- Demons that specialize in pelting you with smite-targeted damnation.

2 Lorocyproca.png Lorocyproca- Invisible demons that resist all elements and drain your MP with their attacks.

2 Reaper.png Reaper- The archetypal Grim Reapers. They wield branded scythes and can deal heavy melee damage.

2 Shadow demon.png Shadow demon- Demonic summoners which can quickly flood their surroundings with summoned demons and Shadow Creatures.

2 Tormentor.png Tormentor- A demon that casts Pain and Torment and is faster than average.

Tier-1 Demons

Tier-1 Demons (also known as Greater Demons) are among the deadliest opponents in Dungeon Crawl. All tier-1 demons can see invisible, and all Fiends are capable of inflicting Torment. Fighting or even being in sight of multiple tier-1 demons is not recommended.

1 Brimstone fiend.png Brimstone fiend- Fiends that specialize in damnation as well as torment. Vulnerable to cold.

1 Executioner.png Executioner- Moves twice as fast as normal and will cast Haste at the slightest provocation. With its speed and 3 melee attacks, it can tear lightly armoured characters to shreds.

1 Hell Sentinel.png Hell sentinel- A highly durable demonic construct with painful spines and both Damnation and Iron Shot.

1 Ice Fiend.png Ice fiend- Fiends that have torment and Bolt of Cold, but are most dangerous in melee with their powerful freezing attacks. Vulnerable to fire.

1 Tzitzimitl.png Tzitzimitl- Terrifying divinities that can damage both the living and the undead with an assortment of cold and negative energy spells.


The most powerful demons of them all, these beings are all unique creatures that are usually found as boss-type enemies. Many of them serve as guardians of various runes of Zot.

& Geryon.png Geryon- The gatekeeper of Hell, Geryon stands between adventurers and the entrances to the four hells. His horn can call in endless waves of hell beasts.

& Asmodeus.png Asmodeus- Lord of Gehenna and unparalleled master of Fire Magic, Asmodeus guards the obsidian rune of Zot.

& Dispater.png Dispater- Lord of the Iron City of Dis, Dispater commands powerful Earth Magic and legions of powerful demons. His vaults hold the iron rune of Zot.

& Ereshkigal.png Ereshkigal- Lady of Tartarus, she can paralyze, torment, and silence her foes. She was charged with protecting the bone rune of Zot.

C Antaeus.png Antaeus- A corrupted titan who rules over Cocytus. Antaeus fights foes with his massive strength augmented by powerful Ice and Air Magic. He watches over the icy rune of Zot.

& Pandemonium lord.png Pandemonium lord- Powerful demons that individually rule portions of Pandemonium. Their powers and appearances vary greatly.

& Mnoleg.png Mnoleg- Guardian of the glowing rune of Zot, Mnoleg and its minions will malmutate the crap out of anyone who challenges them... if they don't eat your brains first.

& Lom Lobon.png Lom Lobon- Guardian of the magical rune of Zot, Lom Lobon possesses some of the strongest spells in the game and heads a cabal of wizards.

& Cerebov.png Cerebov- Guardian of the fiery rune of Zot, Cerebov's sword allows it to burn even those with full fire resistance.

& Gloorx Vloq.png Gloorx Vloq- Guardian of the dark rune of Zot, Gloorx Vloq is extremely fast and can seriously harm both the living and the undead.

Demonic creatures

While not considered standard demons in and of themselves, these creatures have demonic holiness, making them vulnerable to weapons of holy wrath.

t Apocalypse crab.png Apocalypse crab- Abyssal crustaceans that spew clouds of pure chaos at their prey.

x Small abomination.png Small abomination- Horrible mockeries of life made from several corpses that have been mashed haphazardly together.

X Large abomination.png Large abomination- Unrecognizable combinations of body parts that are somewhat slower but far more powerful than their smaller brethren.

s Demonic crawler.png Demonic crawler- Swift demonic bugs that are often found in the Spider's Nest.

h Doom hound.png Doom hound- Demonic hounds that roam Tartarus. Their howls attract the attention of other residents of that deathly realm.

R Efreet.png Efreet- Spirits of fire who wield flaming scimitars and powerful Fire Magic.

h Hell hound.png Hell hound- Fire-breathing canines that travel in packs.

h Hell hog.png Hell hog- Demonic swine that travel in small herds and breathe Fireballs.

Y Hellephant.png Hellephant- Enormous, hellish elephants that will roast you with their fire breath before trampling you to jelly.

R Rakshasa.png Rakshasa- Demons that specialize in illusions. They hide themselves in a crowd of illusory copies.

X Tentacled monstrosity.png Tentacled monstrosity- Enormous tentacled behemoths that roam the Realm of Zot and can swiftly crush the life out of those who allow them into close combat.

R Wendigo.png Wendigo- Demons that fire paralysing bolts of electricity and shatter simulacra into devastating explosions of icy fragments.

Unique demons

These beings aren't powerful enough to be archdemons but are strong enough to be particularly noteworthy.

R Azrael.png Azrael- An efreet who has learned how to hurl damnation in addition to more more mundane types of fire. Travels with a pack of fiery underlings.

5 Grinder.png Grinder- A notoriously deadly shadow imp who appears dangerously early in the Dungeon.

1 Ignacio.png Ignacio- An executioner who is even more deadly than usual, thanks in no small part to the executioner's axe he carries.

R Mara.png Mara- Master of illusions, Mara can force his foes to fight their double. His own magic isn't anything to sneeze at, either.

Y Nellie.png Nellie- An unusually beefy hellephant that only appears in Dungeon Sprint.

D Serpent of Hell (Gehenna).pngSerpent of Hell (Cocytus).pngSerpent of Hell (Tartarus).pngSerpent of Hell (Dis).png Serpent of Hell - A three-headed demonic dragon that changes its appearance and abilities to match the Hell it resides in.

Retired demons

5 Midge.png Midge- Tiny, flying imps that were little more than minor nuisances at best.

4 Hairy devil.png Hairy devil- Boring and weak demonic melee fighters.

4 Iron devil.png Iron devil- Upgraded iron imps with good AC and a variety of resistances. Replaced with rust devils.

1 Pit fiend.png Pit fiend- Huge winged demons that could cast both hellfire and torment. Were removed in favor of hell sentinels.

4 Rotting devil.png Rotting devil- Shambling demons that inflicted rot with their fetid touch and trailed clouds of miasma wherever they went.

4 Blue devil.png Blue devil- Flying devils that resisted cold and poison, but were vulnerable to fire. They had no spells, but could swoop towards their targets from several tiles away.